Giving a Future Animal Aid was set up by Kjetil Hasselgaard and Maiken Fransisca in 2012.

After travelling extensively in Asia, Kjetil and Maiken realised the best way to help the vast numbers of suffering animals they encountered was to establish a resource in their home country that could support and encourage the work of selected NGO's working in the field.


Dr Parsuram Phuyal BVSc & AH was formerly Vet in Charge at HART.

Dr Parsuram Phuyal

He has recently taken up a Govt post but continues to assist us in a Consultancy capacity.


Caroline Popadick became involved with HART while volunteering in Nepal.

She is seeking funds and donated supplies to support the work now that she is back at her base in Canada's capital, Ottawa.

Please contact her HERE if you have Canadian donations


Miriam Blytner is a long term traveller to Nepal who has worked to help animals there for the past 7 years.

On a recent trip she found this abandoned puppy. Lucky 'Trunte' will be adopted in Denmark.

She is seeking funds and donated supplies to support HART now that she is back in Denmark.

Please contact her HERE if you have Danish donations


Ramesh Bhattachan is a well known organiser of long distance running events in Nepal and also runs a training school for potential Gurkha soldiers.

He and his lads assist HART at local events and with any heavy duty work that needs doing quickly.

Meet the staff

Khageshwaar Sharma
Khageshwaar Sharma - Director, has been with HART from the start and has been involved with animal welfare organisations for most of his career.
Chandra Rai
Chandra Rai - Community Liaison Officer, has also been at HART since its beginning. He has many years experience of animal welfare and is additionally HART's administrator and accountant.
Dr Sanjiv Pandit
Dr Sanjiv Pandit, BVSc & AH - Veterinarian, graduated in 2014 from IAAS, TU. He completed his internship on “Serosurveillance Of Avian Influenza Type-A”. He has previously worked as a veterinary clinician at Kalika Vet Clinic, Chitwan. He is Vice President of the Rotaract Club of Narayangarh and an active member of the student chapter of the International Veterinary Students Association - Nepal.
Dr Surendra Kanu
Dr Surendra Prasad Kanu, BVSc & AH - Veterinarian, graduated in 2014 from IAAS, TU. He completed his internship on "Efficacy of Fenbendazole against cestodes in goats, IAAS farm, Rampur". Before joining HART he worked as a veterinarian at Kalika Vet Clinic, Chitwan. Prior to that he was a junior veterinarian at the IAAS farm for more than 2 years, where he developed his skills as a veterinary practitioner.
Narayan Dhakal
Narayan Dhakal - Technician, is a qualified technician. He also hosts a regular programme on FM radio about agriculture and animals. He has excellent communication skills and we are grooming him to run our Schools Education programme.
Asmita Rai
Asmita Rai - Technician, is a qualified technician and our first female recruit. We met her last year during our first CNVR camp in Illam, where she was doing her internship at the DLSO. She had assisted us during the programme and had shown tremendous interest to join HART to continue and develop her career.
Saroj Jirel
Saroj Jirel - Technician, is a qualified vet technician. He completed his JTA qualification at the CTEVT in Jiri and then 'on the job' training at Dolakaha DLSO where he assisted HART during the pilot neutering program. We have now taken him on board as he has shown great deal of interest to join HART to continue and develop his career on small animals.
Nem Prasad Shrestha
Nem Prasad Shrestha - Dog Handler & Driver, joined as a trainee. We spotted his natural talent in handling dogs during our CNVR programme in Hasanda Village. He is now an expert handler.
Hiralal Shrestha
Hiralal Shrestha - Dog Handler. His family are farmers in the Tanahu District, near Damauli. He has a natural affinity with animals and has become an expert handler and assists the team during surgery and other programs.
Subash Shrestha
Subash Shrestha - Dog Handler, who comes from the same village as Hiralal. He had a prior career in hospitality but has settled well into working with dogs and their carers.