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The monsoon has continued over the past two months to the satisfaction of Nepals' farmers.

However the prevailing conditions make travel particularly unreliable and add an extra layer of challenge to carrying out our work.

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Response to a call for help in Dhangadhi

It was initially quite damp! We had extra collapsible cages made locally Earlier this year, HART received a call from Ewa Jedneswaska, a VSO volunteer in the far west of Nepal, to assist with the very sad condition of the dogs she found in Dhangadhi. She could only do her best to help a handful of these animals and needed much more help.

The great distance of Dhangadhi (a 24 hour drive) plus the extra problems caused by the rain, made this a challenging camp but, as it was the first veterinary attention in this area, it was also very rewarding. The staff worked 12 hour days and excelled themselves.

Not dancing - dog catching Collected dogs placed into the van
Clinical staff hard at work with two operating tables in use
Breakdown of Dhangadhi camp funding sources Over a four day period, a total of 120 dogs were spayed, 24 castrated and 5 given other treatments. All were also vaccinated against rabies.

We were especially grateful to have received financial assistance towards this camp from Ewa Jedneswaska and her friends, from the Dhangadhi Municipality, and from local donations.

This covered over half of HART's total expenses for this camp, so a HUGE thanks to all of you.

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ACC&D Symposium

The Alliance for Contraception in Cats and Dogs held their 5th annual symposium in June. The event took place in Portland, Oregon and was attended by a mixture of shelter administrators, vets, academics and scientists.

HART was represented to ensure that the most current thinking and advice on animal contraception is available for the animals in Nepal.

We are pleased to report that several strands of research are underway and making progress, although none are yet available as an alternative to surgical sterilisation for female dogs.

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Update from Pokhara

The Pokhara waiting room! A few busy days of surgery took place in Pokhara to neuter and spay the 38 dogs and 7 cats that had joined the register we keep for owners wanting operations.

The operations were carried out by visiting locum vet, Dr Prabin Thapa, who did an excellent job with no complications. Our sincere thanks to him.

Visiting vet, Dr Prabin Thapa, hard at work Many Nepalis still contracept their animals with Depo Provera injections. This drug is not designed for dogs and frequently causes pyrometra.

However, our message that surgical sterilisation is the best option is gradually reaching its target and NRs26,705 (over £200) was received in donations and contributions during the surgery days.

This is not only very welcome to HART's budget but also indicates that communities do care about their animals.

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Update from Bharatpur

Dogs vaccinated against rabies are given a temporary mark for easy identification within the community The slow, hot and repetitive work of immunising at least 80% of the dogs in Bharatpur against rabies has continued over the past two months. Compound fence nearing completion The staff systematically move through the city, ward by ward, catching free-roamers and encouraging owners to get their animals vaccinated.

At last the perimeter fence around the kennels and clinic in Bharatpur is complete and any animals held can stretch their legs and move around more freely.

A recent flea and tick infestation due to the hot muggy weather has meant that all the kennels and common areas have been thoroughly scrubbed and disinfected.

If any reader has an extra supply of any of the anti-flea and tick treatments, these would be very gratefully received.

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River's Story

'River' was stabbed on the head and right shoulder A call was received in Pokhara a few weeks ago to ask if the clinic would be open to care for a wounded dog.

The owner is Nabin Gurung, a white water rafting specialist from the company Adrenaline Rush Nepal. He has a base in Kuringtar, three hours from Pokhara by car, and had found his dog, River, in a shocking condition with two deep stab wounds.

The Adrenaline Rush staff had already set off with River, and arrived with the animal who had been stabbed to the bone, exposing all the muscle layers on both the head and shoulder.

Dressing and stitching the wounds took a long time but eventually River and Nabin were released overnight with the good wishes of the staff and of Pokhara locals who had seen the animal come in and heard the sad story.

So far, as can be seen from the picture, River is managing a good recovery and we hope that this progress continues and that Nabin is able to identify who committed this cruelty.

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