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The elections took place as planned in November, despite a 10 day freeze on traffic movement throughout the country imposed by a faction of one of the parties. The general consensus given by the many independent observers indicates the process was free and fair and an excellent turn-out of over 70% of voters shows Nepalis embracing democracy wholeheartedly.

The two major Nepali festivals of the year, Dashain and Tihar, also took place in October and November.

In between all these events the work has continued at HART.

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News from Pokhara

Early morning Pokhara dog census The annual dog census is complete in Pokhara and indicates that, although the dog population is stable, there has been an increase in unspayed females. This has prompted a focused effort on spaying in the city, with particular emphasis on two wards showing numerical increases in dogs.

Part of the value of the annual census is to identify any animals in need of treatment, particularly those who are unowned or whose owners are uncaring.

This process revealed several cases that were treated including two dogs needing eye removal.

HART's Dr Yugal and visiting vet, Dr Donald Gillon, operated to remove the left eye of this dog, nicknamed Mr Grumpy Visiting vet Dr Donald Gillon and HART's Dr Yugal carried out these operations, one of which was particularly tricky and involved a dog nicknamed Mr Grumpy who has damaged much of the left side of his face. He is a ferocious mastiff type who was difficult to catch and to restrain.

Mr Grumpy escaped the day after the operation and had to be recaptured after finding his way back to the butchers that is his main territory. He refused food at first and growled and snapped at all comers.

However, extraordinarily, he has formed a bond with the vet techs who treat and feed him. Despite the fact that much of his treatment is undoubtedly painful he allows them to approach and handle his wounds.

Mr Grumpy is healing very slowly and will remain at HART until he is much better.

 A concerned owner bringing his young cat into the Pokhara clinic for spaying The Pokhara clinic is continuing the serve the community and the "customer" base is growing monthly. As still the only vet service for small animals in the city, HART feels a great responsibility to offer as complete a coverage as is possible with very limited resources.

A very positive sign of change is the increase in the number of owned cats being brought in for neutering, many of which have been rescued from litters about to be destroyed. This change is also being noted in Kathmandu, possibly indicating a real shift of feeling towards the cat as companion animal.

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Second vehicle

HART is delighted to have been generously awarded grants by the Marchig Animal Welfare Trust and Lush Charity Pot towards the purchase of a second vehicle. This will mean that both bases will now have a dedicated vehicle and all staff and equipment can travel together to outreach camps.

Chandra Rai will be acquiring his driving license as soon as the Kathmandu Dept of Transport resumes issuing them after the election upheaval and two other members of staff, Narayan Dhakal and Hiralal Shrestha, have started driving lessons in Pokhara.

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Giving A Future Animal Aid

Pokhara dogs Norwegian animal welfare group Giving A Future Animal Aid have provided encouragement and support for HART over the past year and enabled many successful treatments.

Founders Kjetil Hasselgaard and Maiken Fransisca have seen the plight of animals in many developing countries in the east and are using their experience to alleviate as much suffering as they can.

We are most grateful for their support and hope to continue working with them for many years to come. Giving A Future Logo

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News from Bharatpur Hitlal KC at the Bharatpur clinic

Staunch animal lover and supporter, Mr Hitlal KC, continues to travel the streets checking for animals in need of treatment.

Dr Ram Karki, the DLSO chief, welcomed Barbara, Jim and Khageshwaar on a visit in mid November and re-iterated the importance of HART/DLSO joint approaches.

The use of the DLSO land to build a clinic and kennels in Bharatpur has been immensely beneficial both in saving funds and in providing a central and public site.

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