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April and May have been hot and humid and the country has been welcoming the usual influx of tourists and trekkers.

The tragedy on Mount Everest has overshadowed the climbing season and repercussions rumble on.

These two months have been a rollercoaster for HART...

News from Pokhara

Sparky undergoing treatment Above and beyond the call of duty

We received two very positive notes of appreciation from Pokhara residents.

Quoting from Ken Dunn:

"...We found Sparky in the jungle as a puppy, abandoned. Strange since Dalmatians are rare in Nepal and actually quite valuable. Be as it may, we took him home, joining our six dogs, mostly rescued.

The good folks at HART (Himalayan Animal Rescue Trust) gave us explicit instructions regarding needed injections and meds for Sparky and our other six dogs. However we failed (forgot) to give Sparky his booster shot - we will never do that again.

Sparky contracted Parvo, a deadly disease and highly contagious especially for young dogs like Sparky.

After two days of vomiting and diarrhoea we called HART to have him checked out. It was confirmed, it was indeed Parvo.

It took five days of daily intravenous and meds to keep Sparky alive. We were quite sure that we were going to lose him. But we didn't. And the reason is HART. No question about it. HART's vet, Dr Bikash Dhaubanjar, who was on his weekend break, volunteered to sleep over at our place for two days so he could keep his eye on our boy and provide meds as required. Without him there, we would certainly have lost Sparky.

HART provided a ton of meds, many hours of their valuable time and a lot of love to bring him back.

There was no charge at all. So, when it comes to thanking all the great people at HART adequate words fail me. All I can say is thank you from the bottom of our hearts. God bless you all."

Sparky now fit & well
A lucky cow

Our second commendation came from Derek Whitlock who, with his wife Annie, runs Hope for Himalayan Kids and also the Bamboo Bar on Lakeside.

He told HART co-founders, Barbara Webb and Jim Pearson, the story of how an emaciated and exhausted cow collapsed on the path in front of their bar. The animal seemed beyond hope and Derek and neighbours called HART in the hope that its suffering could be alleviated. Chandra Rai (admin and community liaison) attended to assess the situation and immediately called in Dr Mukesh, Nem and Hira. The cow is now regularly seen roaming the streets of Pokhara

The cow was given fluid intravenously over three days and as it seemed to gain strength the local people brought food and water and helped nurse it back to health.

One morning Derek arrived to find the cow had left and it is now seen regularly roaming the streets apparently enjoying its new lease of life.

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Manang with the Himalayan Mutt Project

The world's most spectacular operating theatre? In collaboration with the Himalayan Mutt Project we carried out an extremely challenging series of neutering and treatment camps in the Manang area.

This beautiful region is close to the Tibet/ Nepal border, behind the Annapurna range, and is over 3000 metres.

The road is barely there and in the higher villages the only access is by tractor and foot.

In all, 158 dogs were neutered and vaccinated, plus 43 vaccinated-only, and many good new relationships were established including with Debbie Ng and Mukhiya Gurang, the co founders of HMP.

However, working at an altitute of up to 3800m (12,500ft), the logistical difficulties and remoteness demanded great fortitude from all the staff and it was good to see them back in Pokhara.

The road became so difficult that we had to abandon the hired 4WD vehicles and use the local tractor Queuing for pre-surgery prep

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Khim Bahadur Ale being presented with his award by HART co-founder, Barbara Webb AFU Scholarship

This was awarded to Khim Bahadur Ale at the university on 15th April.

HART's co-founders hope that this contribution from HART will enable Khim to become a dedicated and talented veterinarian helping many thousands of animals in his career.

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Poisoning in Sauraha

The corpse of one of the poisoned dogs was found floating in the local river Photo courtesy of Animal Nepal
We were shocked and horrified to learn that a local committee in Sauraha had secretly planned a three day campaign to poison dogs in a misguided attempt to reduce wildlife/dog conflict.

Our partners, Animal Nepal and Animal Rights Club succeeded in ending the cull after two days but around 40 animals died.

We thank all those who have supported the on-line petition and note that several articles have appeared in the national press.

We will instigate further work in this area to ensure that these sad deaths were not in vain.

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Chandra Rai at the HSI Expo 2014 Humane Society International Expo visit

Chandra Rai, HART's admin and community officer, was delighted to be sponsored to attend Animal Care Expo 2014 in Florida.

This annual event brings together animal care professionals from all over the world and offers participants a chance to learn, network and discuss their work.

Our thanks to the HSI for this event.

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A little goes a long way in Nepal. For example, your £5 would provide anti-rabies vaccines to protect more than 10 dogs for a whole year.

Please help if you can.

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