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The first stage of local elections in Nepal are over and a new elected group of officials will take over from government staff in the towns and municipalities of the country.

The climbing season continues and, sadly, eight deaths on Everest have already been reported.

The HART team successfully completed a dog neutering & anti-rabies vaccination trek much of the way along the famous trek route to Everest Base Camp.

Working at the side of the Everest Base Camp trekking trail. The donkeys are carrying cooking gas cylinders and other supplies News From Pokhara

Dr Bikash Shrestha HART's new Communications Officer, Anjani Gurung Dr Bikash Shrestha, a graduate of HICAST, has joined the Pokhara team as vet and Dr Bharat Regmi has left to pursue further studies at the AFU. Dr Bikash's first days at work involved joining the welfare trek to Everest Base Camp and he underwent this unusual introduction with great equanimity.

The clinic in Pokhara is busy spaying all the un-neutered females located during the mass anti-rabies vaccination programme earlier in the year.

The Pokhara team has been further strengthened by Ms Anjani Gurung who joins in the capacity of Communications Officer. Anjani will be running a schools programme and also communicating via the various media about HART's programmes and animal welfare issues.

Sadly, long-serving and greatly respected vet technician, Naryan Dhakal, has left HART to take up a government post. He will be hugely missed.

HART would like to thank Mr Yogendra Dahal for his generous donations of rice and meat which assist with feeding the animals. This help is much appreciated both by the staff and the animals who benefit.

The long-planned extension to the Pokhara clinic facilities is now complete and there are two extra rooms in place used as an office and store room. These are converted shipping containers which could be installed virtually overnight. The DLSO Pokhara has been most supportive in allowing the extra space.
The long-planned extension to HART's offices and storage

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News from Bharatpur

Under the capable leadership of Chandra Rai the Bharatpur mass anti-rabies vaccination has been completed.

They have achieved an amazing 78.1% vaccination coverage of the estimated total dog population within the city, far exceeding the recommended minimum of 70%.

This annual project also enables a health check on the condition of the animals and a further check on any un-neutered females. The latter represent just 10.3% of the estimated population.
Sometimes the dogs are fairly easy to catch... ... but sometimes very difficult, especially in the sparcely populated areas of Bharatpur

Dr Sanjiv Pandit is moving on to other opportunities and will be missed after his many years of service.

He has a final incident to relate:
This poor puppy was involved in a road accident and brought to HART by Krishna Rana After a stay at HART for treatment this puppy is now well on the way to recovery

"Three months ago, Mr Krishna Rana, a technician from Nepal Polytechnic Institute, found a road accident puppy in Bhojad, Chitwan and he took this puppy into HART.

There is total fracture in the shaft of the left front leg and the frontal bone of the skull is also damaged.

So I did my best, sutured the wound aseptically and placed the puppy under close observation for seven days (analgesic, antibiotics, intravenous drip).

We convinced Krishna Rana to adopt this dog and if there is any thing happen we treat this dog free of cost so he agreed and today (24th April 2017) he take this dog for rabies vaccination.

Now this dog is very active, her left front leg is bowing from carpal & metacarpal bone but she walk, run and jump as like other dog. The wound is not totally healed it will take a more few weeks."

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Khumbu anti-rabies & neutering program banner The local community generously paid for the HART team to be flown into the infamous Lukla airstrip Himalayan Trek

At the request of residents of the areas leading to Everest Base Camp, six members of HART including volunteer Michelle Connolly undertook an arduous trek to bring neutering and health treatments to the local dogs and cats.

The Sherpa community is relieved to find a humane solution to its proliferation of animals and funded the majority of all the costs involved which included flying people and gear to the notorious airstrip at Lukla.

The veterinary trekkers reached the village of Pangboche.

In total, 136 dogs were vaccinated against rabies and 79 were sterilized.

Particular mention is due to Mr Ang Phurba Sherpa, Mr Chheme Sherpa, The Kumchung Womens Group, Mr Ang Nuru Sherpa, guide Mr Nima Sherpa, and to all of those locals and tourists who assisted along the way. View of the Himalayas from Tengboche - the black summit of Mt Everest is just visible above the centre of the snow-covered ridge

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Closer to home

This dedicated dog-owner walked for four hours to get his four dogs vaccinated at the camp The villages of Chapakot is now incorporated into Pokhara Lekhnath Metropolitan City as Ward 23 and the local community asked HART to conduct annual anti-rabies vaccination camp.

The community mobiliser and a local taxi driver spread the word and that enabled 64 dogs and three cats to be vaccinated in the day.

Dog owners contributed towards the cost of the vaccine.

It was encouraging for the team to find that a young man had walked for four hours with his four dogs to get to the camp venue.

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Dr Michelle Connolly receiving a plaque in recognition of her considerable assistance to HART Dr Michelle Connolly

Dr Michelle Connolly has now returned to the UK after spending many valuable months with HART as a volunteer in an advisory capacity.

She also took over a comprehensive series of technical lectures at the Agriculture and Forestry University which were delivered to the veterinary students there.

We will always remain grateful for all the time, energy and dedication she has devoted to the animals of Nepal and to her students and co-volunteers.

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