Wish List

Veterinary Supplies

  • Long lasting injectable antibiotics
  • Oral antibiotics FOR SMALL ANIMALS (Amoxicillin, Ampicillin & Cloxacillin)
  • Absorbable sutures (Catguts size 1 & 2, and Vicrys 3-0 & 2-0 with cutting needles)
  • Flea and tick treatments
  • De-worming treatment
  • Syringes and needles
  • Ointment and salves
  • Ivermectin
  • Anaesthetics (if possible Xylazine)
  • Anti-emetics & Anti-diarrhoeal
  • Respiratory stimulant (Doxapram)

Diagnostic Aids

  • Urine analysis sticks
  • Veterinary books
  • British Small Animal Formulary
  • Haemoglobinometer, PCV reader, Serum biochemical test kits
  • Kit box

Surgical Supplies

  • Tissue Clamps
  • Artery Clamps
  • Bandages
  • Swabs
  • Anti-bacterial scrubs such as Hibisrcub or Vircon
  • Spaying hooks


  • Hand wash sanitizer
  • Dog collars, leads and muzzles (medium size)
  • Elizabethan collars (medium size)
  • Collapsible pet carriers
Please note: Due to regulations we can only take liquids with intact seals into Nepal

We need your help

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HART needs funds, equipment, expertise and hard work to make a significant impact on the health of the animals in Nepal. Please see our "wish list" alongside for items we always need.

If you can help with any of this, please contact  Barbara Webb to discuss the logistics. If you are travelling to Nepal and could offer to take a few items, again, please contact Barbara. The cost of transport to Nepal is high and delivery is not always certain, so a friendly carrier can assist enormously.

Any qualified vets and vet nurses who can volunteer their time and expertise are more than welcome. To find out more about this, please contact   Khageshwaar Sharma.

Funds are essential to keep us going. Anything at all we receive is used directly for the benefit of the animals, and we need help with funds constantly. The PayPal "Make a Donation" button on the right can be used (a PayPal account is not needed), or a cheque (payable to HAT UK) can be sent to  Barbara Webb. Please contact her for further details.

Please do what you can.

UK Fundraisers needed

HART is supported by a UK registered charity, Himalayan Animal Treatment Centre (UK) - HAT(UK).

We are seeking contact from anyone who would be interested in fundraising for animals in Nepal.

Please click on   www.hat-uk.org   for HAT(UK)'s website