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Ways to raise money

Despite years of inflation costs in Nepal are significantly less than those in Europe. Therefore much can be achieved, including paying salaries and buying vet supplies, with relatively little money. HAT UK (HART's UK sister charity) has joined a number of shopping and participatory schemes established to assist charities and these are shown on this page.

In addition some supporters have set up specific fund raising events.

For example, Colin McDermott ran the London Marathon, and Ramesh Bhattachan ran over the Thorung La Pass to help celebrate his 70th birthday. Others have held sales or created special events.

We would be delighted to help in any way we can with specific events, including supplying some useful pictures.

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Colin did it!

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Ramesh crosses the Thorong La pass
HART is a small organisation that does not have resources for professional fund raisers. There are therefore no overheads to be covered and so the entirety of every donation is used for the direct benefit of animals.

We need funds, equipment, expertise and hard work to make a significant impact on the health of the animals in Nepal. Please see our "wish list" alongside for items we always need.

If you can help with any of this, please contact Barbara Webb to discuss the logistics. If you are travelling to Nepal and could offer to take a few items, again, please contact Barbara. The cost of transport to Nepal is high and delivery is not always certain, so a friendly carrier can assist enormously.

We are always interested to hear from experienced vets and vet nurses who may be considering spending some time in Nepal. Vets need a work permit to operate but advice and consultation is gratefully received. Please contact Khageshwaar Sharma for further information.

Funds are essential to keep us going. As stated above anything at all we receive is used directly for the benefit of the animals, and we need help with funds constantly. The multi-currency PayPal "Donation Now" or "Give Monthly" buttons on the right can be used (a PayPal account is not needed), or a cheque (payable to HAT UK please) can be sent to Barbara Webb. Contact her for further details.

Please do what you can.

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HART organizes small fundraisers in collaboration with the local community, local vendors and fellow animal lovers. Please get connected with us on our social media platforms to keep up with the latest happenings.

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