Krishna Devkota
Krishna Devkota has been a practicing lawyer at the Supreme Court Bar Association of Nepal since 1988. Since then he has continued to serve as legal advisor for many prestigious NGO's and institutions. He has advised HART since 2010. He lives with his family in Kathmandu.
Hit Bahadur KC
Russell Lyon is a vet and author who has travelled the world during his long career. He is based in Norfolk. He first volunteered to assist HART in 2012 and has continued to offer expert advice ever since.
Ramesh Bhattachan
Ramesh Bhattachan is a retired British army man who is also one of the key figures in the development of long distance running events in Nepal. He is also a keen competetive badminton player. He has been involved with HART since it set up in Pokhara in 2010.
Hit Bahadur KC
Hit Bahadur KC comes from Bharatpur and, although retired as an auto-rickshaw driver, he remains an active member of the Transport Association.He has been involved with animal rescues since before HART set up in Bharatpur. He assists HART voluntarily and is always vigilant for animals in need of rescue.

Executive Board

Khageshwaar Sharma
Khageshwaar Sharma has been involved in animal welfare work for most of his career where his focus has been on dog population management and rabies control. He has been instrumental in persuading many municipalities to end the culling of street dogs and intoduce surgical sterilisation. He and his family are based in Pokhara from where he oversees HART's country-wide satellite neutering programmes.
Tilak Shrestha
Tilak Shrestha has been a board member of HART since it was established. He is General Manager of the Hope Centre in Kathmandu where he has overseen the welfare and education of many hundreds of disadvantaged children. He holds a master degreee in Buddhism and Peace studies and a further degree in Counseling Psychology.
Sarmila Paneru
Sarmila Paneru is a journalist who started her career with Banker magazine and she continues to study the profession. She lives in Kathmandu where, for over a decade, she has worked to ensure the effective administration of HART. She says that it is a great pleasure to be part of the Board and improve the lives of helpless poor animals in Nepal.

Meet the staff

Chandra Rai
Chandra Rai - Manager, has also been at HART since its beginning. He has many years experience of animal welfare and is based at HART's Bharatpur clinic. He is additionally HART's administrator and accountant..
Dr Bishal Chaudhary
Dr Bishal Chaudhary, BVSc & AH - Veterinarian, hails from Simra, Bara and graduated in 2016 from Himalayan College of Agricultural and Sciences Technology (HICAST). He previously worked in remote Jumla for the Agriculture and Food Security Project (AFSP).
Dr Gopal Dev
Dr Gopal Dev, BVSc & AH - Veterinarian, recently qualified in the first batch of graduates from the renamed Agriculture & Forestry University, Rampur. He spent his six months internship at HART volunteering as assistant to Dr Bishal and now works as a full-time veterinarian at our Pokhara clinic.
Dr Sujan Shrestha
Dr Sujan Shrestha, BVSc & AH - Veterinarian, graduated from Agriculture and Forestry University, Rampur, in 2018. A resident of Thimi, Bhaktapur, Dr Shrestha is cynophilist by nature. He is a quick learner, with an amicably likeable personality, and has a deep interest in the surgical wing of veterinary medicine.
Anjani Gurung
Anjani Gurung - Communications Officer. She is a Microbiology student with a deep interest in zoonotic diseases. We met Anjani while rescuing an injured calf. She is an avid animal lover and was keen to take up the position of a Communications Officer.
Saroj Jirel
Saroj Jirel - Technician, is a qualified vet technician. He completed his JTA qualification in 2013 at the CTEVT in Jiri, Dolakha district. He had assisted during HART satellite neutering programme in Dolakaha. We took him on board considering his skills and interest to join HART to continue and develop his career working with small animals.
Ramesh Bhattarai
Ramesh Bhattarai - Technician & Driver, comes from the far western region of Nepal. Previously he had worked with us for a year during 2010-11. He had been working for the Kennel Club in Kathmandu and has now returned with driving skills.
Prakash Chaudhary
Prakash Chaudhary - Dog Handler & Driver, comes from the far western region of Nepal. Previously he had worked with us for a year during 2010-11. Before rejoining HART, he had been working for the Kennel Club in Kathmandu and has now returned with driving and dog training skills.
Hiralal Shrestha
Hiralal Shrestha - Dog Handler, comes from a village in Tanahu District. He is skilled animal handler and has great experience in catching dogs either with hands or catching nets. He has become an expert handler and assists the team during surgery and other programs.
Buddhi Rasaili
Buddhi Rasaili - Dog Handler & Driver, comes from the Myagdi district. Initially, he was temporarily hired as a driver during HART's satellite neutering camps. Observing his gentle touch with animals and his keen interest to join HART, we have now employed him at our Pokhara base where he assists with day-to-day HART activities.
Sandip Chaudhary
Sandip Chaudhary - Dog Handler, is from far-western region of Nepal. He is a great team-worker and an ardent learner. Because of these qualities, he has well-adapted into the working environment of HART within a short span. His enthusiasm for animals and subtle yet skillful handling of dogs, makes him a good dog handler.
Kesar Singh Thapa
Kesar Singh Thapa- Dog Handler, comes from Syangja and joined HART recently. He is silent but hard-working and is ready to take up on any work assigned to him. We discovered his affection and love for animals when he took a stand for a dog, who was being abused by her owner during a camp. Kesar talked to the man and convinced him to be more gentle towards his pet.