Donors and funds

HART is very grateful for continuing support from HARTies, medical supply donors, and travellers who take goods to Nepal on our behalf. Among them:

Tracey Yip

Trisha Barros

Anne Clarke

Christine Weber Photography

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The British Veterinary Association (BVA) have provided welcome text books and reference documents

The British Veterinary Association (BVA) have provided welcome text books and reference documents

The Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust has, most generously, awarded grants towards the continuing development of HART's programmes

Marchig Animal Welfare Trust and Help Animals International have sponsored outreach camps throughout Nepal

Lush Charity Pot has both assisted with the purchase of a vehicle and provided generous and immediate funds for earthquake relief. Lush's unhesitating action enabled a series of rapid relief operations to devastated areas

The Guna Foundation have provided unexpected welcome funds to enable clinics in the east to continue in 2016

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Our resources


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Our premises at the DLSO in Matepani-12

In September 2014 we moved into purpose-build premises in the grounds of the DLSO in the Matepani-12 area of Pokhara. This further improves our accessiblity to the community and also to animals needing emergency treatment.

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Spaying operation in progress
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Pet owners waiting at our Reception area

We have an operating theatre, a small clinic, storage room and a secure area for unloading dogs after early morning catching.

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Medicines not requiring refrigeration are stored in secure cabinets

Our stock of medicine consists of necessities purchased in Kathmandu and Pokhara, and generous donations received from UK vets.

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The vehicles have been sign-written in Nepali and English

In order to transport the animals we use two Mahindra Bolero pick-ups, customised to allow safe and comfortable journeys for driver, assistants and animals.

Staff use push bikes or a second-hand motorbike for quick local journeys around town.

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These custom-made tents are used as portable operating theatres and for post-op recovery during CNVR in outlying areas

On Catch Neuter Vaccinate Return (CNVR) visits to outlying areas, this purpose-made tent is used as a portable operating theatre where no permanent facilities are available


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The compound at HART's Bharatpur clinic is secure and gives the patients plenty of space
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The operating room at our Bharatpur clinic. Our kennels provide short-term stay for post-spaying patients where no community carer is available

We have a small clinic, operating room, office and kennels in the DLSO (District Livestock Services Office) compound in the centre of Bharatpur.

This was built at HART's cost, but incurs no rental charges.

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Agriculture & Forestry University

HART has built a small kennel block in the campus of the AFU, the veterinary teaching university in Chitwan. This facilitates the care of animals during student teaching modules.